Get A CV that sells you within 10 seconds

Do you know that it takes an average of 10 seconds for busy hiring managers to make a decision based on your CV? Does your CV sell you within those critical 10 seconds? If you are not sure, let our reviewers work with you to get a CV that grabs attention within seconds.


We are experts at Tech resumes

Our reviewers have years of experience sourcing tech candidates for the likes of GT Bank, Access Bank, First Bank, GIGM and many more. They review thousands of resumes each year and they know what it takes for your CV to stand out. They are willing to share their best tips and advice to ensure your CV stands out every time.


Struggling to get called for tech interviews?

It does not matter how good you are or how experienced you are. If your CV does not convince tech recruiters, you won’t get called in for interviews. With our CV review service, we work with you to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.


Need a strong first Tech CV?

Your CV can still stand out even if you have limited experience. Our reviewers are skilled at making the most of your other achivements and qualifications to ensure your CV stands out to tech recruiters.

Looking to work Internationally?

Can you CV can stand out internationally? Tech Recruiters all around the world are looking for 3 things on your CV.

  1. They want to know quickly if you are the best candidate for the job
  2. They want your CV to be clear and easy to read
  3. They want your CV to bring out your mindset and personality

Our reviewers go through your CV to get you a CV that satisfy all these criteria and more.


Ready for the Executive Level?

What brought you here is not going to take you there. At the Executive Level, recruiters are loooking for more than technical skills. They are looking for evidence of people management, problem solving and big picture thinking.

If you are ready to start applying for executive tech roles, then lets work with you to get a CV that highlights both your technical and soft skills.


Start getting noticed on LinkedIn

Get recruiters clogging your LinkedIn inbox by supercharging your LinkedIn Profile. Make a great impression on LinkedIn with our Premium review service which includes a review of your LinkedIn profile.


How It Works

Get a Tech CV that can that stands out anywhere in the world in 5 easy steps

  1. Upload your current CV and choose a review date.
  2. Pay for CV review service.
  3. Join the virtual call at your scheduled time.
  4. During your call, your reviewer will work through your CV and provide guidance on areas of improvement.
  5. Use the provided tips to rework your CV.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a CV Writing service?

No this is not a CV writing service. We will review your current CV and help you improve it

How is the CV review done?

The review is usually done by a virtual call

How long is the CV review session?

Each CV review session lasts about 30 minutes. If a cover letter review is included, the session lasts 45 minutes. If a LinkedIn review is included, then the session will last for 1 hour.

How much does the CV review session cost?

Please see pricing below for costs

Can I have multiple CV review sessions?

Each order is for a single CV review session with a member of our team. Subsequent CV review sessions can be booked at a cost

Who are your reviewers?

Our CV review team is made up of talented HR practitioners that have years of experience working with candidates to get Tech jobs. They have gone through thousands of CVs and they know the exact things that catch recruiters’ attention.

Got questions? Speak to a member of our friendly team on. +234 814-777-5801