What is Outsource-2-Me

Outsource-2-Me is a personnel outsourcing service that lets employers hire great techology staff on a contract basis for short to medium term needs. Employers can hire any number of expereinced Tech staff from 3 months to 5 years.

Get Competent Tech Staff quickly

Get competent Tech professionals in your team a lot quicker than traditional recruitment. Tell us your skill requirements and we can get our consultants to start with you as soon as you need.

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Cheaper than full time staff

Outsourcing is cheaper in the long run for hiring tech talent without worrying about payroll, taxes, pensions and benefits. All you pay is a flat monthly fee for each outsourced staff and we sort out the rest.


Get an instant estimate of how much our outsourced staff may cost you with our rate calculator

Minimize disruption from resignations

Did you know that 2 out of 3 tech staff plan on leaving their jobs within the next 1 year? However, you don’t have to suffer repeated disruptions to your work.

The Outsource-2-Me service guarantees your talent pipeline by quickly replacing any consultants that don’t work out or resign.

The Most Flexible Way to Hire Tech Staff

With the Outsource-2-Me service, you call the shots. You decide how long you need our consultants for, what your budget is and what you want them to work on. And if at the end of the engagement, you want to convert our consultants to your staff, let us know and we will work it out.


Outsource-2-Me Advantages

The Outsource-2-Me service is great for

  • Quickly ramping up your team to meet deadlines.
  • Having a guaranteed pipeline of tech professionals for short to long term needs.
  • Getting a team to quickly to work on a project or build an MVP.
  • Getting specialized skillsets into your team to solve a problem.
  • Hiring Tech staff quickly without the long HR processes.
  • Saving costs on payroll, bonuses, taxes, benefits.
  • Focusing on your most important work while we find you the talent.
  • Testing out tech staff before committing to hire them permanently.

Clients using the Outsource-2-Me service

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How It Works

  1. Tell us your requirements.
  2. We shortlist a selection of great candidates for you.
  3. Pick your preferred candidate(s).
  4. Your outsourced staff starts work with you.
  5. At the end of the engagement, you can renew or hire the staff permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are Outsource-2-Me engagements

Outsource-2-Me engagements can range from 3 months to 5 years.

What if the outsourced staff does not work out or resigns?

We will replace outsourced staff that don’t work out or resign.

What is the minimum period I can outsource a staff for?

The minimum period is 3 months.

What are you rates for Outsourced staff?

Rates depend on skillset, experience and duration. Use our rate calculator to get an estimate.

Can I hire more than one outsourced staff?

You can hire as many outsourced staff as you need.

What kind of tech staff can I hire with the Outsource-2-Me service?

You can hire any type of Tech Staff from Software Developers to Digital Marketers to IT Support and so on.

Are the outsourced staff currently working with PlentyTechJobs or do you source for them?

It all depends on availability and requirements. In some cases, outsourced staff may come from within our company and in other cases, we will source externally for them.

Do I pay outsourced staff directly?

No, you do not. You pay us a fixed monthly fee and we take care of the rest.

Can I hire the outsource staff after the engagement?

Yes, we do have provisions for this type of arrangement, but it comes at a cost.

How experienced are your outsourced staff

We have outsourced staff with a range of experiences. All our outsourced staff go through a rigorous assessment process to ensure you only get the best of the best.

Got questions? Speak to a member of our friendly team on. +234 814-777-5801